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11:44 - 24/05/2012


WeSC has done a collaboration with one of the most innovative and exciting companies smart! The cooperation includes two products which characterize and represent the two companies, a smart BRABUS tailormade by WeSC – A golden car with exterior and interior elements designed by WeSC and a specially designed headphones, something that’s made unique for this collaboration between WeSC and smart. The campaign is under the name ”The Superlative Journey” and is a combination between the different personalities of the brands combined. The car, as well as the headphones will be launched in January in 28 WeSC Concept Stores worldwide and on web at – /

You can already buy the headphones in store for just 80 € / 88 USD (!) In context with the collaboration with smart they’ve also done a campaign around the headphones called ”The Sound Of Your City” where they’ve asked six diffrent bloggers from six diffrent city’s (Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Rome, L.A. and NYC) to record sounds that they associate with their own city. So this is where I come in in the picture!

I’m representing the city Stockholm and in my recording you will be able to hear: Sound from people ordering at a Hot Dog-stand next to the biggest mall in Stockholm called NK, A street musician by the subway in Old Town, Gröna Lund – Stockholm’s oldest funfair, Changing of the Guards at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Taking the Subway from the Central, Me and my friends DJ:ing at our summerclub at a big outdoor terrace near the water to Old Town called Fredsgatan 12 / F12, At a café at Skansen – the first open air museum and zoo in Sweden, A pelvis near the royal Djurgården.

Read more about it and listen to my recording at

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karin- 27 May, 2012 at 07:42
Hej! Vad är det för fransar du har på bilderna på instagram? såå fina
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